I am Prateek. I am managing this blog, and first and most important disclaimer is “I am  not a certified financial adviser”

The ideas, suggestions and information shared here are purely from my personal day to day experiences & readings books and internet. 

When I started getting my regular paycheck (salary), I was totally confused in managing my finances.

One thing was clear in my mind was, I have to save money for my future. So, started a constant battle between, how much to spend and how much to save.

Then I started discussing the same in my family and friends. Added it with reading articles on personal finance, and some books too. Finally come to a conclusion that, Personal Finance or Financial Awareness is the need of hour for everybody.

I want to pass the knowledge I gained to everybody out there. I want everybody to plan their financial goals today, to accomplish them with ease tomorrow. 

The basic idea to start a blog on one hand came from the difficulties I face while doing my financial planning and on other hand from the  lack of financial awareness among my colleagues and siblings.

Here I will try to throw light on how to plan your expenses starting from your first salary itself, and enjoy the whole month in that salary.

Will get you through the process of planning, saving and investing for future which I am following to meet my future goals.

Here I may use some affiliate links to offset the expenses i incur in developing and maintaining this blog.

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