Westside Feedback and Refreshed Karol Bagh

Refreshed Karol Bagh

Yesterday,  after 2-2.5 years I visited Karol Bagh.

Last visit was full of from all sides. With people running around very fast.

Along with pushes there was disturbing continuous  honking from mopes, autos, rickshaw pullers and small to big cars to SUV’s.

As things dont change quite easily, I was expecting the same this time also.

So, got out of metro station and entered the market.

Initially, I didn’t noticed, but soon realized that something is missing, something very common to our shopping streets (like chandni chowk) is not there.

Lot of people are there, rush is there, but then also there is silence,

there is not honking,

there are no vehicles,

the whole width of road is open for walking,

and even though there is so much rush,

there is lot of space to breathe around,

there is lot of space to walk around,

that gave me a  WOW feeling.

Feeling of change,

feeling of comfort on our streets.

I could feel the freedom to walk on our streets,

without fear of getting hit or hurt dangerously.

To add on to walking spaces, there were seating spaces too.

Every now and then you will find some well placed benches to sit and relax and then move ahead.

Delhi Traffic Police personnel are present at every junction,  to manage traffic at crossroads and keep an eye that everyone falls in line.

In evening, Walking here on broad Karol Bagh Road, with big shops, broad lights, and freedom to walk gives a refreshed feeling as you get in walking on European Roads, where vehicles would stop if you start crossing the road.

And the point is, they would stop with a smile.

That’s another point that quite difficult here, as here we walk on Road and crossing anytime without zebra crossing.

So it was a nice experience to visit Karol Bagh after so much time with refreshed look.

My sincere thanks to Delhi Traffic Police and Shopkeepers association operating in Karol Bagh for this arrangement.

Hope this goes on and on.

Would be very nice if some arrangement can be done in Chandni Chowk also.

Westside Shopping Experience

My Karol Bagh visit always have a fixed stop over point i.e. Westside.

Infact, whenever I have visited Karol Bagh, Westside is one store where I always shell out money.

It was no different this time also.

Of the many Westside stores I visited at many places, I found the Karol Bagh store the most useful due to its collection and prices.

This time around, there are 3 aspects, wherein I feel Westside should work for better customer experience.

Missing WOW Collection:

Westside entry point is Western Womens Wear, where my wife could not find much options to opt for.

Infact, the whole lot of stores i.e. cosmetics, footwear etc on ground floor and combined with kids section on 1st floor has made it quite a confusing place.

The collection was there but it was not “bought-able” one.

Even though she liked items, but it was not there in required size.

So, it was kind of  dull 🙁 experience on ground and first floor.

On Second Floor its Men’s wear section, here also, size problem was there.

So, have to take another piece, rather than the one which I wanted.

On Basement, i.e. Ethnic Wear Section, the collection was good.

But, size problem persisted.

So, instead of buying the fabric we liked and wanted, we bought the fabrics which can fit to our size.

Missing Proper Guidelines:

I got some clothes from Men’s section and approached billing counter.

While billing, the April 15-16, 2019, news was very well in back of my mind.  It was regarding fine on Bata for sale of Rs3/- paper carry bags, as reported by many national newspapers.

You can find the links here:

Financial Express

Business Today

The Logical Indian

Money Control

Lady on billing counter asked if I need carry bag or not?

Straight away I asked if its chargeable or not….

She: Its charge-able and its worth Rs 10/- only.

My eyes got open :O in surprise and Bata case clicked in..

I mentioned Bata case,

She replied, we are charging here sir.

I didn’t have any option, but just to say yes to add carry bag cost to my bill.

We continued our shopping on basement section,

where within half an hour only the Westside paper bag for which I paid Rs10/-

started getting torn up from bottom.

This raised my concern, that, I payed Rs10/-  for a paper bag, which is not good enough to carry my goods to my house safely.

The bag got torn in store itself.

On request, store manager, got it replaced while billing.

The good thing about Westside is the  availability of billing counters on each floor, so they managed to have short queues.

Even though the paper bag was changed,

I was not sure about how many clothes it can take, and for how long.

Infact, the non-durability of this bag had bad impact on my whole visit to Karol Bagh.

As it was always in mind that, the more time I carry this and roam, more quickly it will torn into pieces.

Finally, the bag got torn out even before reaching home.

So, I wasted my Rs10/- for a bag which didn’t reached home safely.

I would appreciate if Westside answers this:

a. Will they give my Rs10/- back if I give back their torn bag to them only?

b. Why Westside didn’t opted for light clothe white bags as used by Spenser’s and Big Bazaars other retailers which are cheap and quite durable?

I felt cheated on purchasing a non-durable bag with Westside advertisement that too at such a high cost.

Clubwest Card:

I didn’t took Clubwest membership. Even though I got 2 bills for my purchase.


Cost of card is Rs199/-, and none of Westside staff could justify why I should spend Rs199/- just to get a Rs200/- voucher which is valid from next day of my purchase.

I tried to enquire, why it cannot be applicable from same day itself?

Came to know that in age of internet where, bank accounts are opened online, money gets transferred in one click, loans are issued in few clicks and calls,

Westside is still hanging its customers for 24hrs to update its database and provide Clubwest privileges to their customer.

Not giving advantage of Clubwest on first bill (i.e. while enrolling for Clubwest) may be acceptable, but not giving advantage on next bill even on same day, is quite unacceptable.

People dont eat same food daily, how can Westside assume people will come to them daily, when there is fierce competition in this space from Shoppers Stop, Reliance Trends, Big Bazaar etc.

So, concept for making customer wait is quite unrealistic.

[I doubt if Westside really wants its customers to use the Rs200/- voucher which they get on enrolling to ClubWest]

That was all about my Westside Store visit.

Finally, I find Karol Bagh a good place to walk and get a refreshed feel of new arrangement in place.

I kind of struggled to find some fine eatery with good taste.

Anyways it was a visit worth remembering…..!!!



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